We’ve taught them to read. To write. To solve mathematical equations.
Let us teach them a little bit of grit.

GRIT = Passion and perseverance for a very long-term goal

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For Parents

For Kids

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I’ve always been passionate about character education and when I needed to choose a dissertation topic for my research,“grit” fell into my lap via a great NYT article. “The Secret to Success is Failure,” by Paul Tough, was handed to me by someone, and […]  My message for parents might seem counter-intuitive. It is the parents’ very important role to protect their children at all costs. So, to suggest that parents consider letting their children struggle a little, doesn’t seem to make much sense. However, think about this. When children […] Guess what?! You have the ability to be anyone you want to be! If you want to be brave, encouraging, and more optimistic, there’s no stopping you. You have the power to change what you do and even how you think, if you want to. Isn’t it sort of […]

Grit Bits

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

“Hope” can = Change

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. (Oprah Winfrey) I love this quote. It’s infused with such hope. And of course it’s a simple statement imparting the notion that we all can change. It’s the beginning of the calendar year and therefore an appropriate time to sit back and take stock. I’m not suggesting we all make New Year’s resolutions, but just be aware that we don’t have to be ‘who we are,” because ‘it’s who we’ve always been.’ Hope and openness to change go hand-in-hand. Love that. Happy New Year!