For Parents

My message for parents might seem counter-intuitive.
It is the parents’ very important role to protect their children at all costs. So, to suggest that parents consider letting their children struggle a little, doesn’t seem to make much sense. However, think about this. When children who have been protected all their lives come face to face with difficulty, challenge, or hardship, they will be ill-equipped to deal with hard situations, and less likely to see their way through them.

Adversity is a natural occurrence in life, and if children have not been afforded opportunities to build resiliency through working hard to accomplish something, we’re doing them a disservice. In order for children to become more independent, build solid work ethics, and be able to work toward goals they set, they need to experience what it’s like to hit some roadblocks, manage them, and move forward. I certainly don’t want to undermine the role of the parent, but again, if children have a healthy balance of support along with the chance to struggle a bit in their lives, they will be better equipped to protect themselves in the long run.

If you, as a parent, are interested in your child receiving “grit lessons” after school once a month, please click below.  I am offering classes during the 17-18 academic year in New London, NH, once a month, after school from 4-5.  If your child is currently in grades 5-8, he/she is eligible to attend.

Outline of the year’s ten lessons:

  • 4 monthly lessons on optimism
  • 3 lessons on self-control
  • 3 lessons on perseverance

Feel free to contact me for more information: